Computer Mats

Computer Mats


Please upload your design here as a 300DPI Jpeg or PNG, or as an (expanded text) PDF FILE, with 5mm bleed area. Screenshot will not be accepted.
Please note copywritten images will not be accepted. By uploading this file, you are confirming you own the rights to the design and we will not be held liable if a third party/designer makes a claim against the products.

A branded mouse pad ready to add your own dedigns gor resale. Please provide high resolution 300dpi or larger JPEG, PDF, PNG file.

Material:  Rubber base with white dye sublimation cloth.        

Size: 235 x 197 x 3mm

Price per mouse mats: Single: £4.00, Pack of 5: £3.50, Pack of 10: £2.75, Pack of 25: £2.00

Resale value £7.00+


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